Saturday, July 28, 2007

Not Yet...

Well, no official travel news yet from China. We did get our "Brown Envelope" that included the paperwork we need to fill out for Rylee's visa. Hanna and I were outside getting the mail and visiting with a neighbor. Hanna grabbed the mail and opened up what looked like junk mail, didn't see anything interesting and shoved the papers back in the envelope and handed it to me. I am talking with our neighbor who was asking if we had heard anything at all from China. I am swinging this envelope around saying "Nope, nothing - not a word!" Then we get inside the house and I glance at the envelope to see that it is from the U.S. Consulate General Guangzhou with a letter stating that they have been notified that we will be visiting there soon with our newly adopted daughter! Hanna and I were jumping up and down while I was reading it to her. It's not our date, but it is something!

So while we are still waiting, I thought I would share this picture of Rylee sleeping. I can't wait until I can peek in and see her sleeping in her own bed. For now, I still get to see what she looks like sleeping... Sweet and adorable!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Look at this BEAUTIFUL smile!!!!

Oh my gosh, does this picture ever make me want to scoop this baby girl up and shower her with kisses!!! What a sweet, sweet smile she has! Yes, that is our sweet little Rylee in the yellow dress. We received a surprise email from a family that just completed a homeland trip that included a visit to Rylee's orphanage. They got to spend the day with Rylee and WE get to experience it through their words and the wonderful pictures they sent to us - thank you so much Marschall family!!!!!

Rylee was timid and a little anxious about all the strangers, but she did enjoy eating watermelon with them, touring the new orphanage, shopping and she even was able to go to dinner with them! The kids played with her and tried to help her be more comfortable. One of the boys was able to get some smiles and laughs out of her by picking her up and lifting her high in the air. They said her laughs were beautiful sounds and I have been imagining them ever since I read about that part of the trip. Rylee is out of foster care now and has moved into the new orphanage. We are hoping to be in China in August. Here are some more of the awesome pictures we received: