Thursday, December 30, 2010

11 Years Ago Today She Arrived...


And nothing has been the same since!  I can so vividly remember wrapping her up in a pooh bear snow suite that was WAY bigger than she was, even though it was a newborn size.  She was six tiny pounds and mine to care for and to love.  The weight of that responsibility was so heavy the day we came home from the hospital.  I rocked her when we first got home, while my husband unloaded the car.  Savage Garden was playing on the stereo in the background, "I Knew I Loved You" was the songI was overwhelmed staring at the precious little face that belonged to my new daughter.  How was I supposed to know how to be a good Mom?  How could anyone think that I would know what to do with this tiny, precious child that now held my heart squarely within her tiny little fist?  Tears streamed down my face and I prayed that I would be worthy of such a huge responsibility.

11 years later I am still praying.  As much as I tell her I really need her to just take a break from growing so fast, she refuses.  It won't be long and she will be taller than me, and I am sure it won't be much longer before she thinks she is smarter than me too...

She has a beautiful heart, a gentle spirit and a great sense of humor.  I have loved every moment of being her mother and am eternally grateful for the tremendous blessing I have in her.  I love you sweet girl!  Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

People tell me that she is just like me...

I just don't see it.

At all.

She even turns a little Mommy, Daughter pampering into a riot!  Such a funny kid :)