Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Little Fashionista!

Remember how much fun we had with Fashion Friday? I think Rylee is taking it to a whole new level. Do you think that maybe she is somehow sneaking in episodes of America's Next Top Model or does this just come naturally? (sorry for the odd sizes, I didn't have time to fix them first)

And for just one more glimpse into my life:

We sat down as a family to watch American Idol and after a while Rylee gets up and comes to stand in front of me. She takes her little hands and very gently cups my chin with them. She looks deep into my eyes with a very serious expression on her face. In a deep sort of husky voice she says "Mama... you are deeeeeelicious!"

I really have no idea where she gets this stuff - and she was just a little offended when I fell over laughing!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The newest member

Well, it caused a lot of flack from my husband but we have a new member to our family. This is Oreo and she is super sweet. Once you get past that tail - she really is quite cute! The girls adore her and so far have been taking really good care of her.

I have so much to catch up on, which I plan on doing very soon, but I wanted to just share something that happened this week with Rylee. I consider this a big milestone for us and I know that my friends that have also adopted will know just how important this was...

Rylee got off the bus on Monday and came running up to me "Mommy! Mommy! guess what???" She then went on to tell me that one of the teachers (her favorite) had said to Rylee on the playground "There's my little Rylee!" She looked up at me all serious and said "But I told her - I am not your little Rylee, then she (Ms. C) said Oh, I know you are my big girl!" Rylee takes a big gulp of air and continues "But I told her the truth Mama, I told her that I am only Mama's girl, I am not her girl. I have my Mama and we are together forever!"

Maybe this seems rude to our favorite teacher, but boundaries has been a hard thing for Rylee to grasp and she "family shopped" for a very long time after coming to us. She was always willing to go with whoever had the best looking family to her at the time and has even told me a few times that she wishes she could have that family... or she wants to live with so and so's family because they get to have makeup... whatever the reasons, there where times that I really felt if she could have she would walk away and not look back. But things are different now and she really seems to have claimed her place in the family. I know without a doubt that she loves me fiercely and it brought tears to my eyes for her to publicly state that she belongs with us and that she will keep us forever!