Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reading the New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs, Post #1

When I read that an online friend of mine was following this reading plan, I knew that this was one for me too.  I have had trouble focusing on my daily time with God lately and I think this will be just the thing to make sure that I spend at least a little quality time with His Word every day.

Today I want to share a little of my thoughts:

January 5, 2011

Jesus Heals Many 

In Luke 4:38, Luke tells of Jesus healing Simon’s Mother-in-Law.  In Luke's version it doesn’t say he literally touched her, but in Matthew’s telling (8:14-15) it does.

This started me thinking about the times when I have been touched by God.  Whether or not Jesus actually touched Simon’s Mother-in-Law really doesn’t matter.  When He is near, when He wants His presence to be known and when He wants to heal you, it is felt so deeply that a physical touch is not needed.

There are times when I have felt Him near me, drawing me to Him.  Times when He did not leave my side until I surrendered my own will and let Him completely fill my heart.  And a time when He healed my broken heart.  As I was on my knees praying, sobbing and pleading, completely overcome with devastation, He came to me.  As deeply devastated as I was, as broken and wounded as my heart had been, in an instant the pain was gone and my tears were dried.  It didn't erase the past or change the things that had happened or any of the circumstances at all.  But where there had been a dark, shattered heart, now there was only love.  Deep, unending and undeniable love.

Something incredible happens when we are touched by God.  Your view of the world changes, your view of people changes, the things you care the most about changes.   

If you are broken and He has not yet come to make you whole, you only need to invite Him in.  He is waiting for you…