Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Ni Hao Yall

This was a busy working weekend, but Rylee knows how to lure me away.  "Hey Mom, you want to come outside and take some pictures of me?"  She knows me well!  It was a fun and welcome break from the hectic weekend and here are some of our fun shots:

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Friday, February 25, 2011

So Much Need...

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all the need...  no many that have so little, and it weighs heavy sometimes.

Are you following along with what has been happening in Egypt?  I have a friend that is living just outside of Cairo.  If you want a real persons view of what is happening you can read her blog here:  Expats in Egypt

So many people, literally staving now and she is helping by handing out food and sandwiches.  It only takes $10 to feed a family of four for a whole week.  I have never fed my family of four using only $10.

See what she is doing here and here.

If you would like to help, you can do so here:
community care


And then there is this:

15 year old Addisyn decided to make a difference in the lives of some children who made a difference in hers, so for 100 days she gave up her lunch eating only a small bowl of soup and a piece of bread so she could give her lunch money to these children.  Because $3.00 feeds one child from Adami Tulu preschool in Ethiopia for a month!  She inspired us to also make a difference - one lunch, one day and you know what happened?  Many people made a small sacrifice to give up one lunch - and together donated $3,620.13!  Isn't that amazing?

If you would like to help, you may do so here: 

Online donations:  (indicate for the Adami Tulu Preschool).

How about you?  Is there something that is currently tugging on your heart? 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Black and White Wednesday {Weekend In Review}

I am joining in this weeks Black and White Wednesday with a few of my favorite shots from the weekend.

Here Rylee is trying to convince me about just how boring it is to watch her sister cheer at the basketball game.  She is pouting because the battery on her DS went dead right at the start of the game!

This one just makes me want to kiss her neck!

Spring time and horses - they just warm my heart! 

One of my favorites!

Just had to add this one in, from only two weeks ago.  How quickly the weather changes here in the south!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Ni Hao Yall

I am participating in Snapshot Sunday with Ni Hao Y'all.  If you would like to join in, click here.

One of my favorite things that we did this weekend was spend some time with Minnie.  If you have ever loved a horse, then you know there is nothing like the soft nuzzle and gentle gaze of this powerful animal.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

At what age do we consider mustache removal?

And no we are not talking about me... Rylee has been obsessed with what she calls her "moose-stachio!"

Let me back up a little bit.

A couple of weeks ago Rylee asked us (while in a restaurant eating dinner), if she has a mustache?  I being the brave soul that I am, said "Ask your Dad." So she turned her questioning gaze on her father.

"DAD!  I don't have a moosestachio do I?"  We all look down at the table, and busy ourselves with the suddenly fascinating dinners that are sitting before us.

She stares us down.

Hanna caves first:  "Yes, Rylee you do have a moosetachio, but really it's okay because I have a uni-brow!"

Rylee looks at her Dad:  "DAD???"

He said "Don't look at me, your mother is the one that said you have a mustache!"

I consider dumping my dinner over his head...

I turn to her and said "I DID NOT say that you have a mustache, but if you really want to know you just need to look in the mirror yourself.  What I am saying is that you are incredibly beautiful and perfect."

She looks at me "I know that Mom, but do I have a moosestachio or not?"

I sigh... "Rylee, eventually everyone has some form of a mustache - some are just easier to see than others..."

Why, oh why are we even having this conversation???

She puts fingers on her upper lip, rubbing up and down her brow crinkles and she announces in an extremely loud voice "I DO HAVE A MOOSETACHIO!!!  WAAAAAAA"

People are looking... a lot of them...

I tell her we are done talking about this for now.  Thankfully, she lets it go.

But not for long...

Two days later we are standing in the bathroom, doing her hair.  She brings it up again.  "Mom, do I really have a moosetachio?"  I look at her for a minute trying to decide what I should do.  Finally I hand her a little mirror and say "you tell me".

She studies herself from every angle.

Than she glares at me "I DO have a moosestachio, and it is big, and dark, and you can see it really good!  WHY didn't you tell me this mother?  We have to do something about this right now!  Make it lighter Mom or I know, lets pull it out..."  She runs for the tweezers.

"No Rylee, we are not pulling it out! Listen to me... Everyone has this, your hair is just really dark, so it shows up a little bit more.  But it really is not very noticeable at all baby, and you are perfect just the way you are."

She narrows her eyes at me, with a stubborn look on her face that tells me in no uncertain terms - she's not buying it!

"Think about it Mom, think about it!  We need to do something about this!"  I distract her with other things, which works for a while. But not really...

She has now been studying the upper lips of all the girls at school.  I now know which ones have nothing there, which ones have very light hair and I also know that there is not another girl in THE ENTIRE school that has a moosetachio like Rylee.  I know this because I get a daily report from her.

This morning as she heads out the door, she brings it up again.  "We ARE doing something about this today Mother!"  I groan... she growls...

Suggestions?  Advise?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Rylee Visits The Dentist

You gotta know that Rylee visiting the Dentist, can't just be any old trip right?  I am sure that they clearly remember last time when she tried to talk through an entire filling, kicking and stomping her feet the whole time.

This time her legs were really still, no kicking at all...  Instead she was doing a bird flap type movement with her arms.  Several times she chased away the dentist with her flapping arms, as he quickly rolled away for safety.

Each time after the wild flapping escapade, she would give the dentist two thumbs up - practically landing her thumb up the poor guys nose!

WOW that nitrous oxide is really something...

I could barely contain my stifled laughter as I stood in the corner of the room watching this crazy scene!

Finally he turned his questioning gaze at me after he was treated to the third double thumbs up close encounter.  I could only shrug my shoulders, as I have no idea why she is doing this.  Plus if I even attempted to open my mouth, all that would come out would be the laughter that was fighting to spill over!

I mean just picture this...

Drill starts up... dentist is concentrating... arms start flapping... dentist frantically rolls out of the way... arms go down... dentist cautiously rolls back to his place... he leans back over to resume his work... double thumbs up almost shoved up his nose... dentist ducks to the side barely reaching the safety zone on time...

Poor guy - I really did feel sorry for him.

Finally he was able to finish up and I hope he had time to take a break before he had to move on to the next child!

On the way home I was talking to my husband on the phone telling him about it.  She says from the back of the car "I will tell you why I was doing that Mom!"

"I was using my arms to tell him to get his big head out of the way of the movie, when he did move I was giving him thumbs up so he would know that he was out of the way and I could watch the movie again - I don't know why he kept getting back in the way again - gosh with his BIG head!"

Okay then... maybe I should warn him next time...