Friday, February 18, 2011

Rylee Visits The Dentist

You gotta know that Rylee visiting the Dentist, can't just be any old trip right?  I am sure that they clearly remember last time when she tried to talk through an entire filling, kicking and stomping her feet the whole time.

This time her legs were really still, no kicking at all...  Instead she was doing a bird flap type movement with her arms.  Several times she chased away the dentist with her flapping arms, as he quickly rolled away for safety.

Each time after the wild flapping escapade, she would give the dentist two thumbs up - practically landing her thumb up the poor guys nose!

WOW that nitrous oxide is really something...

I could barely contain my stifled laughter as I stood in the corner of the room watching this crazy scene!

Finally he turned his questioning gaze at me after he was treated to the third double thumbs up close encounter.  I could only shrug my shoulders, as I have no idea why she is doing this.  Plus if I even attempted to open my mouth, all that would come out would be the laughter that was fighting to spill over!

I mean just picture this...

Drill starts up... dentist is concentrating... arms start flapping... dentist frantically rolls out of the way... arms go down... dentist cautiously rolls back to his place... he leans back over to resume his work... double thumbs up almost shoved up his nose... dentist ducks to the side barely reaching the safety zone on time...

Poor guy - I really did feel sorry for him.

Finally he was able to finish up and I hope he had time to take a break before he had to move on to the next child!

On the way home I was talking to my husband on the phone telling him about it.  She says from the back of the car "I will tell you why I was doing that Mom!"

"I was using my arms to tell him to get his big head out of the way of the movie, when he did move I was giving him thumbs up so he would know that he was out of the way and I could watch the movie again - I don't know why he kept getting back in the way again - gosh with his BIG head!"

Okay then... maybe I should warn him next time...

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