Monday, August 18, 2008

"I no have my China little Mom now"

Rylee nonchalantly started the conversation as I was getting her ready for bed. The rest went like this:

Me: "No, not anymore"

Rylee: "Now I have you Mama" she turns to face me and places her small hand on the side of my face. She looks me in the eye and continues, "Now I have you and my Daddy and my Sist. I likea you Mama, I love you! I really happy you my Mama now. I don't wanta go China all the day Mama. In China I don't have you and Daddy and my Sist. I happy now Mama, you not in China an in China I no have a Mommy. Can I stay you Mama?"

Me (talking over the extremely large lump in my throat): "Oh sweetheart, Mama loves you too and I am so happy that you are here with us forever. You will always have Mommy and Daddy and your Sister, always, everyday no matter where we are or where we go you will always have me and Daddy and Hanna. You are my baby now and Mama loves you forever. You stay with Mama today, tomorrow and all the days! You will always have a Mommy now, I love you so much my sweet baby!"

Rylee: "Thank you Mama, thank you I stay you Mama!"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rylee goes to Kindergarten!

Hard to believe that summer is done already, but Rylee was so excited to go to "big school" on Thursday. She rode the bus with the big kids and Hanna made sure that she found her classroom. We got up extra early and the girls were ready about 40 minutes before it was time to go catch the bus. So much to their annoyance, I had plenty of time to snap pictures before they left. Once it was time to go we got half way down the driveway and Rylee said "Okay Mama see you later - you stay here, I big girl - I get bus myself!" I said WHAT??? Mama goes with you to the bus stop and I will wait there until the bus comes! Her response: "Awwww Modder!!! I can do it myself, oh man - Mama you wait here!" So I went with them to the bus stop and gave them hugs and kisses when the bus got there. Once she spotted the bus Rylee never looked back. She got on the bus holding hands with her big sis and carrying a backpack that looked about the same size as her. As the door closed behind these sisters, my eyesight blurred and their words from the morning rang through my head "Are you going to cry Mom? Don't do it - don't you cry!" (Hanna) and Rylee echoing her "Don't do it MAMA - you cry Mama?"

Yes Ry - Mama cry - just a little bit!