Monday, August 18, 2008

"I no have my China little Mom now"

Rylee nonchalantly started the conversation as I was getting her ready for bed. The rest went like this:

Me: "No, not anymore"

Rylee: "Now I have you Mama" she turns to face me and places her small hand on the side of my face. She looks me in the eye and continues, "Now I have you and my Daddy and my Sist. I likea you Mama, I love you! I really happy you my Mama now. I don't wanta go China all the day Mama. In China I don't have you and Daddy and my Sist. I happy now Mama, you not in China an in China I no have a Mommy. Can I stay you Mama?"

Me (talking over the extremely large lump in my throat): "Oh sweetheart, Mama loves you too and I am so happy that you are here with us forever. You will always have Mommy and Daddy and your Sister, always, everyday no matter where we are or where we go you will always have me and Daddy and Hanna. You are my baby now and Mama loves you forever. You stay with Mama today, tomorrow and all the days! You will always have a Mommy now, I love you so much my sweet baby!"

Rylee: "Thank you Mama, thank you I stay you Mama!"


  1. Oh my word! I am crying. That is so completely precious. Wow... Angel

  2. What a sweet sweet message from your little one. You are one lucky Mommy!

  3. That is so precious!


  4. It is SO sweet. That's great that she expresses her feelings. My 7 y/o granddaughter is struggling with thoughts of her birthparents and I am so glad that she talks about it. I you want to see my daughter's blog about adoption talks go to
    She would love to hear about what Rylee said.


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