Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Typical Dinner Conversation

We always have dinner together as a family and since Rylee joined us the conversations grow more and more interesting as she increases her understanding and uses her ever increasing vocabulary.

She starts the way she always does - "What this food Mama, is this fish?"
Me: "No Rylee, it's not fish. Why do you think we are always having fish?"
Rylee: "WELL, in China I have fish once - I don't like fish!"
Me: "This is a burger"
Rylee: "I don't want this - I want rabioli"
Me: "You had ravioli after school, you can't have ravioli for every meal"
Dad: "Rylee try your burger"
Rylee: "OKAY FINE" as she stabs the burger with her fork and lifts the entire thing to her mouth, "This too big - I can't eat it! AND I don't like COW!"
Dad: "Ravioli has cow in it and you like it!"
Rylee: "EEEWwww NO's NOT Daddy, look!" She holds out both hands raising one finger at a time as she lists off all the things she will not eat - "I don't eat cow, fish, pig, duck, cat, dog, turtle, or all the stuff - I just eat this and this" as she points to her bread and french fries.
Hanna pipes in now: "You eat bird"
Hanna: "In China you did - you ate a bird! Didn't she Mom?"
Me: "Yes, Rylee in China you did eat a bird"
Rylee: "Hey - Hanna and Mama you being mean me - both you be mean me!"
Hanna: "No we aren't you really did eat the bird - you ate the head and you liked it - right Mom?"
Me: "Well you really did like it Rylee, in fact you were very excited about it and seemed to think it was a big treat!"
Rylee: "We not talk this anymore - you not nice me!"

Here are some pictures from July and August:


  1. I enjoyed catching up here!

    The photos are an amazing way to bring a big smile to my face and heart

    I enjoy looking in!


  2. I am so far behind, I loved catching up. I cried at the mommy story. Loved the bus story! and love this one. Boy her and Zuzu are so much alike. I can't wait till the two of them can get together.

    I am going to go look at the pictures for this post. I can't believe how much she has grown.



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