Thursday, December 13, 2007

Early Intervention Screening

We had the early intervention screening this week and Rylee blew them away! I was not sure if she would just grunt at them or if she would cooperate. Usually she is very quiet around people that she doesn't know and most times she will just grunt at them instead of communicate. She did great! She passed the vision and hearing, in fact she had the nurse laughing with the faces she made during the hearing test. She wouldn't say if she was hearing the sound, but there was no doubt when she was hearing it because of the faces she would make - you would have thought they were blasting her with a fog horn!

She repeated everything they said and laughed out loud at them several times. She built a tower with the blocks, sorted them by color and counted them in English. She remembered some body parts (she mixed up hair and hand and mouth and foot) and tried really hard to understand them. When it was time to leave she went around and hugged each of them and said "Bye Bye". So, there will be no early intervention services for her :)

English words and sentences she has learned and uses at 6 weeks home:

Dis one!
Mama go bye bye, Baba, Gigi, Xiao Bao?
Scrumpy (Scrappy)
Mama do
UP pup pup pup! (wants to be carried)
Whata (water)
Scuse you Xiao Bao
Bless you
Love you (sometimes she mixes these up and says "love you" when someone sneezes)
Bata (bath)
Hip Perry (for Hip Hop Harry - her favorite show)
Jingle Bells
Pleasa (please)
Tank You
Washy washy hands
Brush teetha
Xiao Bao do it!
Mama be careful Xiao Bao
Mama utt ooh!
Mama good job (when I give her something to eat that she likes)
Mama Xiao Bao good job!
Mamamamamamamamammamamamamamamamamamamamamamaaaaaa! (pretty much all the time)
Xiao Bao good girl
Xiao Bao girl, not boy NOOOOOOOO!
One, two, three, four.. sixa, sweven, eighta!
Oh my gootness (as in "look how much dirt came from the Kitchen floor!)
Baba home!
trow way (throw away)
Bub buy, Hello, Bub buy (for goodby on the phone)
How You?

Things we have learned about her in the first 8 weeks:

Loves to laugh, dance and scream!
Thinks we should think it is funny when she hits herself - we don't, but she just keeps trying.
Enjoys brushing her teeth
Only drinks water
Does a perfect imitation of a crying baby - WHAAAAAAA WHAAAAAA WHAAAAAAAAAAA!
Mushes her food with her tongue instead of chewing
Has a tremendous set of lungs
Has great rhythm
Does a perfect somersault
Gives great hugs
Stores stuff under her pillow and in the pillow cases
Loves to play in the water (tub)
Likes to take a shower
She is very stubborn!
Likes to pretend she is a puppy
Learns quickly
Has a great sense of humor
Adores her sister
Likes horses
Thinks everything should be tasted, but has learned to ask first.
Likes to climb - especially on Mama or Baba!
Reverts to a penguin walk when she is out of her comfort zone
Has a happy personality
Likes to do art and craft projects
Loves babies
Loves to snuggle
Like to be entertaining
Is loved beyond words!

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