Wednesday, June 4, 2008

**Rylee turns 5**

"Mama I big now, I five", Rylee states showing me all 5 fingers for emphasis. Suddenly she looks concerned "I Mama's little baby, right Mama?" I tell her that yes she is, and always will be, my little baby even though she is a big 5! "Okay Mama, it's okay!"
When she was asked what she wanted for her birthday she was 100% certain that she wanted a balloon and bubbles! I took her to pick out her balloons and she found one she wanted that had princesses on it and sang "Happy Birthday" when you hit it. Thank goodness she insisted on only wanting one because when we got to the check out we found out that this one balloon was like $15.00. Thank goodness she didn't want six :)
We get half way home with the treasured balloon and Rylee starts to get annoyed with the balloon. "Hey Mama this girl not singing right! She not say Rylee... she not say my name!" I said "Well Ry, she didn't know your name when she sang that song" so she pulls the balloon down even with her face and said "Hey you listen me! You not sing right, my name es Rylee, RYLEE! Say it now - do it right!! GO NOW!" and she smacks the balloon, eagerly waiting for her name to be announced in the middle of the song. I watch in the rear view mirror as her smile fades from her face as once again the princess sang the birthday song without putting Rylee's name in it. So yes, she continued to tell the balloon off then entire ride home, it was just too funny! She still loves the balloon, but is forever annoyed with the princesses for not singing the song correctly!

Summer break is in full swing here and the heat and humidity have arrived. The girls have discovered how to beat the heat - check out the slide show:


  1. Happy Birthday, Rylee!!!

    Love the pictures!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Rylee! Love the pictures. Love all the face expressions!


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