Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkins and a hurting Daddy!

As much as we love the south and the perfect fall weather, we do miss the apple orchard/pumpkin patch tradition we had up north. There is no fresh cider and donuts when we go to the pumpkin patch - however, you can pick cotton and stuff it in your pockets to give to your Mama later as a sweet and special gift!

The girls have been wanting to decorate pumpkins, so we did that today. Here are our results:

Poor Daddy has a muscle spasm in his back and has been hobbling around pretty good today. He told us that it felt like a knife was in his back. Rylee looked at him very serious for a minute and then lifted his shirt to study his back. Finally she announced "Daddy there is no knife in there - you is fine Daddy! Now come on get up, you is fine!!!"


  1. Very cute pumpkins I wish I could send you down some cider and donuts.

    Hope Pat's back feels much better soon.

  2. Rylee asleep just broke my heart!

    but so precious!!!!!!

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the pumpkin pics!! LOOOOOVED seeing you, especially! :-)

    all the pumpkins are FUN AND GREAT!

    we enjoyed TWO cider/donut trips this fall! :-)

  3. Great job on the pumpkins.

    Rlyee and Zuzu are two pee's in a pod. That is hysterical, No knife Daddy, now comeon get up, you is fine. Priceless.

    Hope his back feels better.


  4. Hi Dawn! I am in Madison...which is very close to you! And... funny, I follow your blog and did not realize how close you!
    My email is

    Cheers, Rebel


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