Tuesday, December 23, 2008

10 Years Ago...

We were on a beautiful island, just married and dreaming about our life together. Today - our 10 year anniversary were vowed to be back here: http://www.ottleys.com/

Sometimes things change and don't turn out exactly the way we planned. Our vision was of few responsibilities. We would live in a condo, have no pets, no children and travel the world.

Instead of St. Kitts we went here:

Instead of no responsibilities, we have these:

Instead of my life being filled with exotic golf resorts, relaxing beach vacations, leisurely dinners out etc... My life is filled with big squealing hugs, every day laughter, more smooches than I could have ever imagined and so very much sweetness and overflowing love. When I look back to contemplate what could have been... that life seems so plain, so planned and so very selfish. I would not give up what I have for anything in the world! I can never thank my husband enough for the gifts he has brought into my life. For stepping out in faith and agreeing that yes we did in fact have a child that was out there, somewhere, waiting for us. In doing so he changed not only her life, but also our lives. Happy Anniversary baby - you are a great husband and a wonderful Daddy!

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