Friday, May 21, 2010

Cleaning up...

These chairs seem to be a dumping ground for the girls after they get home from school. Daily they are piled with books, papers, backpacks etc... and every day I have to get after them to clean up their spaces.

Today Rylee was so pleased to show me that she had cleaned up both chairs - and believe me with end of the year books and papers coming home in record numbers the piles were especially high.

I was so please and told her how wonderful it was that she cleaned up not only her own chair, but also her sisters as well - without even being asked!!

She looked at me, like she was all perplexed...

"But Mom we sang the song together!!"

Now I was confused... The song?

She rolls her eyes at me "YES Mom, the song... Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up, clean up, everybody do your chair!"

I actually did not tell her yet that we are actually singing "do your share" and am still laughing!!


  1. Hilarous.. that is just too funny. Children are so sweet and so very funny too. I just love how their little minds work.

  2. Bwa ha ha. Now that's funny. We sing the same song - I can see why she thought it said chair. So cute.

  3. Haha! FABULOUS! I had a friend of mine who's little sister used to sing "The Song" :) I will never be able to hear that one again without thinking of Ry! =D Great laugh before bed... Love y'all!

  4. LOL! We sing that song and I never even realized it said "Chair". very very cute :)

  5. LOL, that is too cute!! :) I find it interesting how my kids would fight to help clean up when they were in playgroups... but at home, it's like pulling teeth getting them to clean up!

  6. YEAH.... you are back! I have several runs through Birmingham planned for June... taking to UA and picking up from UA... we must plan a visit. I will send more details later next week!

    And YES... I have some of those chairs in my house too!

  7. Haha! Love that! So blessed you are to have littles ones that keep you smiling! :)

  8. If the wrong words are what made her do the clean up, I am all for it!!! I'd be cracking up too!!!!!

  9. That is so cute. My daughter sings that in her kindergarten class too! So did my boys :) I wish mine would clean up after them selves! I usually have to have some kind of breakdown before they offer to do something..

    Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say thanks for entering my giveaways and I followed you back :) Good luck!

  10. That is so sweet and made me chuckle! Our dropping place is the bar...I don't guess I could sing that song to my husband or three year old and they would think I said bar?? We have just started singing this with my three year old son.


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