Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Friday is Rylee's 4th Birthday!

Once upon a time
In a land so very far away
There was a precious little girl
Concern and fear her eyes did portray

One by one
Her beloved friends did leave
Would it happen to her?
Could she believe?

Then one day
A miracle did occur
A family stumbled upon her
And their hearts did stir

Could it be true?
Is this the child they had searched for?
Their hearts told them yes
But they had tried twice before

Courage it would take
To put their hearts on the line yet again
But they would push on
With conviction that was hard to explain

It was a mama’s dream
So many years ago
“A child will come from afar
Just look into her eyes and you will know”

Sweet precious Rylee
Child of my heart
Just wait a little longer
And our lives together will start

It is your birthday now
You are turning four years old
Your new family sends wishes and prayers
And dreams for a life waiting to unfold

A tear will be shed
Because we can not be there
But I promise my dear Rylee
No future birthdays will ever compare

With eyes shinning bright
And hearts holding true
We wait for the day
When we will finally hold you!

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  1. Ohhh.. Dawn.. My eyes were watering up when I read this.! I love ya'll so much and I will come and see ALL of the Speeses as soon as I get the opportunity to! Just remember that I LOVE YA'LL SO MUCH! Love, Big Emma!


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