Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New Pictures!

Wow, it would be almost impossible to top this birthday gift! We got new photos of Rylee and she is almost smiling, and look at how they did those photos with "I LOVE YOU" in English in the background - how precious is that?! She looks healthy and has grown so much since her last photos (taken a year and a half ago). We are getting really anxious to bring her home and it seems to get harder to wait as each day passes. How do you miss someone so much, that you haven't even met yet? How do you ache to hold a little girl that has never even been in your arms before?

We are very fortunate to have joined this group of people that have adopted from Rylee's orphanage. So with very thankful hearts this morning, here is Rylee only two days ago:

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  1. Dawn - I could NOT be happier for all of you! You are so blessed to be called by God to be Rylee's family!!! CONGRATULATIONS!


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