Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Week of Preschool!

We had Rylee's first week at preschool and it went great! But first I just have to tell about our trip to Medieval Times Dinner Show. Hanna really wanted to go for her birthday, so we decided to go ahead and give it a try. While we were sitting there waiting for the show to start Rylee "ooh'd and aaah'd" over the pretty lights, the mist and the fact that we had dishes sitting in front of us but no silverware. Once the show started she was thrilled to see the horses come out and stared wide eyed trying to take everything in. One knight took on another in a fight to the "death" as he fell from his horse, I heard gasps from beside me. I quickly tried to explain that he was okay, that he wasn't really hurt and that they are just playing. She said "okay Mama, it's okay." The next round started with jousting and as the next knight "fell" we all heard "OH NO MAMA, MAMA, IT'S OKAY, HE'S OKAY, HE'S OKAY YESHEE!!!!!!!!". She cheered for our colors, enjoyed eating with her fingers and assured us that each knight that fell was OKAY!!! After the show she went around to all the knights and got them to sign her photograph. The girls both had a blast and gained some great skills at collapsing and dramatic "pass outs", they have been refining these new skills continuously this past week. Even a tap on the shoulder gets the full drawn out collapse accompanied by very convincing grunts and groans!
We also have now experienced the first amusement park rides. Rylee of course was up for any and all rides and loved each of them. Apparently she has no fear of heights or speed and is now doing her best to convince us that she is ready for all the big water slides that can be seen from the car windows. Every time she spots one she yells out "MAMA XIAO BAO LIKE THIS ONE!!!", the hard part is going to be convincing Hanna to go on them with her or Baba!!!
Food update: Breakfast of choice is sheets of seaweed, a big bowl of congee and a side of fruit! However, she has discovered that she does like Johnny Rocket's french fries and strawberry shakes! It's a no go though on the hot dogs, burgers or almost anything that contains meat or vegetables! That is until she went to school! The first day I went to pick her up she was eating her second bowl of vegetable soup - including the carrots which she had basically gagged on when I gave them to her. She also has eaten peanut butter and banana sandwiches, green beans, ravioli, cereal and fish crackers. These are all things that she had asked for seconds on and all things that I had tried with her, but she wouldn't eat them! I think it really helped to see the other kids eating these things and liking them!
Her preschool is at a gymnastics school where she attends the morning session and I pick her up right after lunch. She gets to have gymnastics classes three times per week while at school and so far she really seems to be enjoying it. It is hard to send a child to school that can't tell you how the day went though! They told me that the first day she was really quiet and mostly just watched the other kids. The second day she started interacting with the kids a bit more and on the third day they said she walked in and acted like she had been going there her whole life. It is exactly the same way she approached joining our family. She observed us for a while, tentatively started to join in a bit and then finally decided that yes this is my family and she jumped right in! She sits with the girls and glares at the boys, sometimes she plugs her nose and points at them. Maybe I need to find her some nice boys to play with!

She was so excited to show me what she learned in her gymnastics class that on our way out of the building she said "Mama Mama Xiao Bao this school", kicked her feet up in the air and flipped over trying to land in a back bend, but really was more of a flat out thud right there on the hard tile floor. I quick scooped her up and she looked a little stunned, but then she put her arms right back up to try it again. I carried her the rest of the way out and to the car - she can perfect it at home on the carpet!

She is becoming more and more affectionate, freely giving sweet hugs and kisses. On her third day of preschool when I got there to pick her up, instead of the smile and wave I had gotten the first two days, she jumped up and came running over with a great big grin and yelling "MAMA MAMA" and leaped into my arms hugging and kissing me.


  1. What a spirited little angel. It's amazing that she has such a zest for life when she was contained for the first few years of her life. She and Hanna will be a great team!!!

  2. Our Xinyu girl, Harper Qiong, loves looking at Rylee's pictures. She gets so excited when I show her!

    I am glad to hear everything is going so well. Rylee is just so cute!



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