Sunday, January 20, 2008

MAMA Xiao Bao Silly Boy!!!

Rylee and I have been having this ongoing conversation for a few weeks now. She tells me "Mama Xiao Bao boy" and I tell her she is a girl. Mama is a girl, Jia Jia is a girl, Baba is a boy, Scrappy is a boy, Scruffy is a boy and so on... Usually she gives up and just laughs at me, sometimes she will say Xiao Bao is a girl, but I really get the feeling she is just humoring me. So we start this at dinner again the other night and this time she is telling me that she is a silly boy. I go into my correction "speech" blah blah blah... and you could just tell by the look on her face that she is finally thoroughly frustrated with me. "MAMA" she states, "XIAO BAO IS A SILLY BOY", and to prove it to me once and for all, she yanks her shirt up all the way to her neck, pointing and showing me the proof that will FINALLY convince me that she is in fact a boy!

My silly, silly girl! Apparently it was time for a little a little anatomy lesson. We had a little discussion about how we know, and she can know, that she is a girl and you could almost see the "light bulb" go off. She lit up and clapped her hands saying "Xiao Bao is a girl!!!". Today she came down carrying a little bikini top she had found in her dresser. She hands it to me saying "Mama Xiao Bao girl - have this one". So I put it on her, she puts her shirt on over it, smiles proudly at me, points to herself and smugly states - "Xiao Bao's a girl Mama"! Yes, yes, yes baby you are a precious, adorable, lovable girl!

Hanna has just learned to ride her bike, so the girls have been going for lots of bike rides and both of them are doing great. The only problem is that Rylee wants her training wheels off so she can ride like her Jia Jia, but Mama is not ready for that yet!

Speaking of riding... I just have to mention how great Hanna is doing with her riding. She had to switch riding styles when we moved and now she's getting ready for her first show in the Hunter/Jumper discipline. While Mom would like to just stick to the ground work, Hanna has decided that there is a thrill in flying through the air on the back of a horse! I suppose this means that trick riding is in the future for Rylee, since I have a feeling she will have to try to "one up" her Jia Jia - lol!!!


  1. Pretty in pink....she truly is a little girl!!!! So did she think Hanna was a boy too? So glad that Hanna's enjoying her riding...Ilove the pictures of her on the horse. Keep it coming!!!!

  2. I have been catching up on your blog and I have to tell you, Nora ("Myra" from CHI list 18) has been home for three weeks and she "clucks" at me too! It's kind of hilarious, but we've been doing the "you don't cluck at mommy speech" once or twice a day. Glad to see it's not just my little fresh girl that does that!


  3. lol Funny how kids get things into their heads and it takes a lot of convincing to change their minds sometimes.

    I don't know from personal experience, but I've heard my mom bemoan the fact that her little sister was always trying to one up her no matter what the situation. So, I guess it's universal?


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