Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You just gotta love pure 7 year old delight!

It's five minutes long, but how sweet Rylee was with her excitement about her Birthday gift!

Pictures and details to follow :)

Update 6/3/2010

When I picked Rylee up from day camp yesterday she hops in the car and I hear her repeating this over and over:

"Seven not six, seven not six, seven not six, seven not six..."

After several minutes of this I ask her what she is doing. She says "Well, I just don't feel like I am seven yet, so I am making myself know that I am seven not six!"

As of this morning, she still had not convinced herself!


  1. I think Rylee and Abby would get along just great.... Abby's favorite thing is her red DS also! : )

    Happy BIG 7 Rylee!!!

  2. She's awesome! What a happy little sweetheart she is! Give her hugs and kisses from me - miss you guys! Love, Sissy Wendi

  3. So cute!! I love how she said "Who paid this? That's a lot of dollars!!" I don't think my kids have that concept yet!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. That's so cool! She's too cute!

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  5. I'm following from MBC.


  6. How adorable!!! That is so sweet!! She is definately full of emotions!!

  7. That is too cute! Honestly it sounds just like something my 7 yo daughter would say, too. lol. I am a new follower from MBC and would love for you to come visit me at sometime. :)


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