Saturday, March 12, 2011

Navigating Tweenville

For the first time ever, Hanna told me that she "saw a cute boy in the cafeteria" at school.  This is the first time that she indicated that she found someone "cute" and my heart may have just stopped for a few seconds.

Not that she hasn't had a rush of boys wanting her to be their girlfriend, and one or two of them have even caused her to shed a tear or two.  But for her to mention that she found someone attractive - well this is just moving into a whole new place that I seriously don't think I am ready for.

But, I am curious so I ask her what he looks like.  She stammers a little "um... well... he has brown hair and kind of tall, that's about it".  Well that describes about 1/2 of the boys in her school.  So really wanting to find out what she thinks is "cute" I name several boys that we know and ask her which ones she thinks are the cutest.  She starts giggling and turns a light shade of pink.

So I think I should help her out a little and I tell her which ones I think are the cutest.  She says "But that doesn't count because you're just a mom!"  WHOA!!!  "What???  Just because I am a mom doesn't mean that I don't know who is cute!"  She stares at me for a minute and then doubled over with laughter.

I ask her what is so funny, which just causes more hysterical laughter.

Seriously - she can't even stand up she is laughing that hard.

I am at a loss, so I turn to leave.  "Wait Mom don't leave!"  But as soon as I turn back towards her, she doubles over with laughter again.

I look at this girl-child, that is now almost as tall as me and I see a glimpse of the stunning young women that she is becoming.  I want to hold on to her tight, not let her grow up...  I mean yesterday I was awesome, today I am just funny I guess...

I liked being awesome!


  1. Oh... just you wait for ages 13, 14, and 15.... so0000000 much fun (did you detect the sarcasm in that?)

    Lucky that we have the younger ones that still think we hung the moon....

    PS... Hanna is be - a- u - tee - full... you had better lock her up for a few years! hahahahaha!

  2. Oh, the years ahead.... this is just the beginning. :)


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