Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Black and White Wednesday

I thought I would add a few more zoo trip pictures.  I really like how dramatic the animal shots are when they have been converted to black and white.

And since Hanna has agreed that I can post about her on my blog again, I decided to add one of her in a pose that we see all too often these days.  In fact, this is how all the kids at the bus stop look every morning - either texting, playing games on their iPod's or listening to music.  They even text each other, and yet they are all standing there in a group together (I seem to be the only one there that finds humor in this)!

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  1. Oh goodness - just look at that picture of Hannah. How did that happen? (So pretty but so grown-up.)

    Love these animal images in black and white. It adds such drama.

    Have a great week!

  2. Great Photos... and Yes... thank goodness for unlimited text plans!!!

    I can see when this generation is running the world, it will all be done via text!

    PS... how 'bout Alabama Adventure when it opens up... don't know when that is... but we are game if you guys are!

  3. Oh yes, zoo pictures are usually great for BW. I love the shot of the elephant where you can really see the texture of the skin.

    Erika B

  4. Something about that giraffe! Love it! All of them are good, but I really like the an artistic snapshot. Perfect!

  5. great captures of the ZOO life. bw works great here!

  6. Love your zoo pics. What a fabulous family time!


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