Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Beautiful Home

There are many reasons why I love Alabama so much...

It truly is beautiful.  In the five plus years we have lived here I have seen more incredibly clear, deep blue skies then I have probably seen in my whole life living in Michigan.  There is endless beauty in the foothills that surround us.  Trees in abundance, flowers that burst with color throughout the seasons and birds that sing us awake all year around.  

But beyond the physical beauty lies the true heart of Alabama, and that is its people.

People that take time out of their day to smile at complete strangers, people that talk to you like they have known you your whole life even though you just met.  People that say hello, just because they have passed by you in the isle of a grocery store or on a sidewalk while you walk the dog. And people that lend a hand, when something devastating strikes close to home.

This is why Alabama will always own a place in my heart.  So while I am brokenhearted about the destruction and loss, I can still see the beauty.

Photo Credit:  Birmingham News Photo / Jeff Roberts
Photo Credit: The Birmingham News / Michelle Campbell

We know many people that were directly hit by the storms and our thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you.

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  1. oh my goodness - sometimes I just live in my own little "no news watching world". I'm so sorry for all the destruction - and I'm praying for those who must now piece their lives back together.

    xo ellie


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