Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Little Catching Up...

Wow, it has apparently been a very long time since I last updated my blog!  I don't even know really where to start so I'll just go with a quick update for now...

The girls are doing great!  We are well into the new school year and so 3rd and 7th grade are going great so far

Rylee is involved in American Heritage Girls for the second year, Art Club, Center Stage Show Choir and she is on the drama team at church.  She continues to be a happy, loving and beautiful child and I am so blessed to be her Mommy!

Hanna continues to love horses and has recently started riding again.  Not only is she learning to ride on many different types of horses, but she is also learning how to work with the horses in preparation for some day running her own training and lesson barn.  Seventh grade is definitely different, but I am proud of her for having the strength to sometimes go against the crowd.  Seventh grade has been a roller coaster of learning for her, and somewhat confusing with the flock of boys that always seem to be following after her.

I am praying for wisdom to know how to help guide her through this time of crazy emotions, rapid brain development, and growth spurts - did I mention that she is now taller than me???  I really was not ready for that one!

Otherwise, things are good and always busy!  I am going to leave this post at just a brief update for now.  I have several posts coming together in my head, and I hope to dedicate some time to putting them down in writing soon.

I will leave you with one last picture:



  1. I am glad you are all doing well.
    I know my kids will be taller than me soon too. Especially boy. Not sure how that will go over :)

    And praying is always best in raising our little ones. I'm almost there too :)

  2. Hi sweet friend! I was looking at my blog - and thinking I would do an update when I saw a comment from you - clicked over and lo and behold you have a new post! How fun!

    Both girls are GORGEOUS! I can see why Hanna has a flock of boys following her. girl, your hubby probably has his gun over the door and ready!

    Please post some more!

    xo ellie


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