Sunday, March 4, 2007

How we got here...

It was a very sad blond haired beauty that stole our hearts and led us to adoption. We jumped right in to claim the child that had stolen my heart in one short breath. She was adopted by a Russian family just before we traveled to meet her over two years ago. Heartbroken and numb we switched agencies but continued on with a Russian adoption knowing in our hearts that our child was still out there.

In April 2005 we traveled to Siberia to meet a tiny little monkey girl and her daddy fell head over heels in love with her. In the week that we spent with her we taught her how to smile, hug, chew her food and laugh, in that week she changed our lives, our hearts and our world forever. We whispered our love for her into her ears and promised that we would be back to get her. The judge would no longer take American cases. We waited and hoped and prayed for our little Nastya and in March of 2006 her birth family took her from the orphanage, she is not ours.

We were done, we could not continue with this adoption stuff. Obviously we were not meant to adopt but.... I couldn't help myself and somehow found myself joining the WCC yahoo group and the beautiful stories of these special kids and adoption from China drew me in. I remembered the reoccurring dream I've had that started over 30 years ago. In the dream I am calling my daughter and when she turns smiling to look at me, her beautiful features are Asian.

So dear sweet Rylee, we have finally found you and we are so excited to bring you home ...

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