Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Heart for the Children

This poem was written a couple of years ago by a treasured on-line friend of mine, I get it out every now and then as a reminder to me. She gave me permission to use this once, I hope she doesn't mind that I am posting it here. Thank you Lydia!

by Lydia Tarr

Little ones crying, no comfort is theirs
Older ones dying with no one who cares.
Alone in their misery and no joy in their soul
their hope finally dies, life has taken its toll.

I can't save them all but I'll do my share
to show to the world how Jesus would care.
He would open His heart and and all that He gave
would be theirs without asking - their lives He would save.

Not fame, nor fortune or riches found
bring life real happiness or a future that's sound.
Giving to others and true love He did give
Is the example He set - in the life He did live.

He gave up His crown and throne up above
to live on this earth and show us His love.
He who welcomes a child like this in His name
reflects the true heart of God - for He did the same.

I wish I could go back and change the way I did live
I'd make different choices and more I would give
I've had so many chances but consumed by my greed
I've lived a life for myself and ignored their need

I'd gladly trade the glitter of gold,
the sparkle of diamonds and treasures untold
to be a tool in God's hand, to sacrifice for His gain
to give children a future and relieve them their pain.

Treasures in Heaven is what we're told we should store
but we live in a world that's consumed to buy more.
Let not moth nor rust come to destroy
The rewards earned in heaven, is a giver's true joy.

Is it only for some that can hear God's call
Or a command from above to relinquish our all?
Fields of the fatherless - the needs that aren't heard
The answer can be found if we would seek God's word.

A smile on their face and joy they should know
what every child needs in order to grow.
A family who's willing to show them true love
Like the measure we're given from God up above.

Oh Lord please remind me - each and every day
to get down on my knees and for them I will pray
Remember the children, for them I speak
A home for them all I will continue to seek.

The spirit of adoption reveals a religion that's pure
God's heart for the children - a love that is sure.
Consider their future, for He did the same
by adopting us in and giving us His name.

He grafted us in to a vine not our own
so that we too could call Heaven our family home.
Showing compassion and mercy, reflecting God's glory
Opening hearts and homes - a new end to their story.

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