Friday, October 26, 2007

Forbidden City, Hu Tong Tour...

This was the view from our hotel room this morning. There was so much smog that you could hardly see the other buildings. They said on the news that this was considered a light pollution day! It was fairly nice out despite the thick smog which stuck around for the entire day.

We went to tour the Forbidden City today. It was amazing to see and Hanna even found it interesting. She sure generated a lot of attention (lots of pointing and stares), but she was either ignoring it or she was really in to the tour because she didn't seem to notice. After the Forbidden City we took the Hu Tong Tour, which our guide told us was where/how the common people live (or used to before they started replacing them with high rises). I rode in the rickshaw with Hanna so I got to experience this tour from a 7 year old point of view.

After the tour we went for lunch which was ordered for us by our guide. There were a few courses and then a final course of soup. Hanna picked up a white chunk of something and pronounced it turtle brains and popped it into her mouth. She next picked up a brown piece of something and said "what's this, sloth?" SLOTH - where does that come from? Who has ever even heard of sloth and turtle brain soup? I have to say China from her view point is quite an adventure!

We also went to the Chinese Acrobat show tonight, but it was just too much for the first day here and it was all we could do to stay awake. Some of us did better than others, but the show really was amazing and beautiful!

Tomorrow it looks like we will be touring the Great Wall in the rain! Two more nights and Rylee will be with us - can you believe it????????

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  1. Hello. Just saying Hi. We are Dave and Kris Gleason. We just got back from China on the 17th. Have fun and enjoy everything. Stayed at the Whie Swan, did the dinner cruise, and saw the 6 Banyon Temple. Will be following your journey and praying that everything goes as wonderfull as our trip did.



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