Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nanchang Day 3

This morning Hanna slept a little later than the rest of us so we had a little quiet time with Rylee first, but as soon as Hanna got up Rylee ran to her, got behind her and followed her every where she went. If Hanna bent down, Rylee bent down, if Hanna ran, Rylee ran, if Hanna danced, Rylee tried her best to dance too! It was completely adorable and she had us all laughing. She finds her Baba hilarious and gets quite a kick out of him. She laughs out load at our attempts to mimic her Chinese and shakes her head "no". I cannot believe how good things have gone so far and I keep waiting for her to break down, have a tantrum, get frustrated or fearful but so far she has done none of these (with the exception of the swimming pool yesterday).

We had a fantastic day today visiting the Nanchang Zoo, where we saw monkeys walking a tight rope, tigers riding horses, a monkey riding a goat across a tight rope, a bear riding a bicycle and other amazing tricks. Hanna sat through the tigers riding the horses with her hands clamped over her mouth and her eyes as big as saucers (she said now she has something to tell Ms. Ashley, who has been her riding instructor, next time she talks to her). Rylee silently studied everything, a few times she gave me looks of confusion which is easy to understand. She has had little if any contact with animals and she wasn't quite sure this is what they should be doing.

After the zoo we went to People's Park nearby. The park is very beautiful and they have taichi and other exercises going on at all times throughout the day, we loved it so much we are going to try to go back before we leave at the end of the week. The girls had a blast running around, climbing on things, trying out the exercise equipment and just being together. Rylee was so much more relaxed with us today and especially tonight. Today she has good eye contact with all of us and even asked to be picked up and carried sometimes. While we were at the park she reached up and grabbed on to my hand, shyly peeked at me and gave me a heart melting smile. I got tears in my eyes, because it was such a genuine and sweet gesture. I am not sure why we have been so blessed to be given this child, but I am grateful beyond words...


  1. Sounds like she's fallen in love with your family as quickly as you've all fallen in love with her. Interesting that love has no language barrier!!

    I love the picture of she and Hanna walking together...I'm sure there will be many more to come!!

    Keep up the blogs. They are the highlight of my day...wait, the highlight of my 2007!!!
    Love you guys!!!

  2. Love the pictures of the girls together and I second keeping up the blogs.

  3. To Rylee and her Family, Thank you so very much for your wonderful blog. It has been such a fantastic journey and such fun to follow along with all of you. We are coming to Guilin in March, hopefully, to pick up our new almost 4 year old daughter, and our then 7 year old daughter will be traveling with us. I can only hope that our girls will bond as yours have! It gives me such hope. Thank you and enjoy the ride!


  4. You guys are having such a wonderful time with gotcha and the days after. Seeing the photos of China again make us want to adopt again! We have two of our own now.

    Rylee and Hanna are so cool together! Oh and the mimicking thing (doing everything that Hanna does) continues even when you are home! My son does that still with our daughter. They are a little over a year apart.



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