Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We are at the airport!

We are at the airport waiting to board our first plane! We got up at 3:00 am to be at the airport by 4:00 for our 6:00 am flight. We are so excited this morning and ready to go! Even Hanna is wide awake. We know that there are so many of you following along and praying for us as we make our way toward Rylee and we appreciate knowing that you are "here" with us. As the time gets closer we focus in on how many changes Rylee has coming in the next few weeks and we hope that it won't be long before she knows that she is safe and loved with us! Now we are off to board the first plane!


We have made it to the Newark airport and everything looks good for our flight to Beijing. We were checking the monitor and Hanna said "look Mom there it is, there it is!! BEIJING! MOM, do you think there will be a lot of Chinese people there?" Pat and I both started laughing - she gave us that "7 almost 8" year old look of exasperation and said "I mean on the plane!!!" lol!!
We gave her a CD player to bring and she has her own music, so for the last two days she has been wearing it around the house, singing along to Hanna Montana and High School Musical with gusto and well... lets just say we hope people seated around us have brought their own ear plugs! We haven't yet had the heart to tell her she has inherited her parents musical talent... maybe her cuteness will make up for the off key singing, right now she is just mouthing the words, dancing in her seat and having a great time!
Next stop Beijing!!


  1. Hello, I wish I would have gotten a chance to talk to you before you left but just know that I love you all very much and I am praying for a smooth transition for Rylee. I love you so much and I will be reading everyday!!!

  2. Hey Dawn, Pat, Hanna and Rylee,
    Saw your first up date since you left and glad to know you are all safe. My prayers are with you all. Everything is o.k. here.
    We are watching you! Love Aunt Annette@Crazy Grandma.

  3. My heart is just thrilled to know that you are on your way to get Riley!! Enjoy every single second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Praying for your family!!!


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