Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rylee's new doll, Ling!

I just wanted to let you all now about this beautiful doll that I received from Karito Kids to review over at MommyPR. I haven't posted my review yet, but look at how beautiful Wan Ling is! Rylee loves her and was so excited because she is "China like me Mom!". I have not run across very many Asian dolls and this one is of great quality.

She even comes with a story book that is based in Shanghai. The book was a little above Rylee's age but Hanna loved the story. All three of us read it together each night, or at least two of us did while Rylee climbed all over me!

At the end of the book are pages from Ling's scrapbook which include a picture of a "squatty potty". Rylee goes "Oh no Mom, not again!!! I don't like this kind!!" Which is so true! Once she learned how to use the "American" style potty, she never wanted to use these again!

Rylee has been sleeping with Ling and pretty much taking her everywhere she goes for the past couple of weeks. She even found out from the book that Ling loves pandas, so she gave her the little stuffed panda we got while we were in China - so sweet!

I wanted to pass this link on to all my friends, but also be sure to watch for my review soon (I'll post the link here). I also get to host a giveaway for a Karito Kid that you could win for your own daughter!!!


  1. Aww that is so sweet, awesome doll. Will have to checkout her other stuff :)

  2. Wow, the doll is so beautiful! It's so cute how Rylee is all attached to her! One thing I miss with my boys is dolls... I never liked baby dolls, but I looooved my Barbies. Maybe in about 30 years I'll have granddaughters to play Barbies with. (Until then, would it be too crazy if I played Barbies by myself? I guess so...) ;)

  3. I'll be checking it out because I would love to have one of those beautiful dolls for my daughters!!

  4. Oh I just love this doll. I/we have quite a few Asian dolls but Wan Ling is spectacular looking.

    Gotta get me ( one!

  5. The doll is gorgeous! I just went to the website and the other dolls look great, too. There's even one called Zoe! :) Will have to check if they'll ship internationally.

  6. aawwww, what a cute doll! Is this similar to the american dolls?

  7. Beautiful doll. I love that it comes with a story book too.

    Beautiful photo of your daughter.

  8. We've seen her before, but have yet to order it. I'm glad to know someone (heh - "know" someone) who has it and likes it. We may be putting that on the Christmas list now...

  9. What a great doll! I will have to bookmark the site for when Presley is a couple of years older. I love that they talk about squatty potties!! Too funny!!

  10. They are both beautiful - how sweet!

  11. How sweet that she is attached to the doll. I love how she gave her the panda. The doll is pretty. Your daughter is adorable!

  12. Awww amazing that kids get attached to their dolls. My baby is so attached with 3 of her dolls, namely Barney, Pooh Bear, and Lumpy. I would agree that Ling is of great quality too. Ling's eyes are almost the same as Rylee's! :P

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    PS: by the way, I'm half chinese but I speak chinese (not so fluenty) with my dad (he's chinese).


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