Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fashion Friday

It's Fashion Friday time at Do They Have Salsa in China? and I hope you join in this week! Fashion Friday is when we let our kiddo's have free choice on putting their outfits together and we get to enjoy their creative side!

Our first outfit this week was a smashing success - she looked totally cute and everything matched!!!

Outfit number two was fitting for the warm days we are having now. Sunglasses seem to have become her "must have" accessory right now. The only problem is that she only wears them on her face in the house. She said that they make her see better inside :) Outside she shoves them on top of her head!

This was the outfit she picked out for VBS. She was not thrilled with my stipulation of no princess dresses until she got home - ha ha!!!

This was her choice for going to the barn this week. The horse shirt worked really well, I only wished the pants had matched better...

Since school is out, and I have been working so much (leaving Dad in charge of wardrobe) Rylee has had plenty of opportunities to pick out her own outfits. She is big into accessories right now and of course princess dresses have pretty much made an appearance daily!
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  1. Great choices. I think they all worked, of course she is GORGEOUS so she can make anything look good!

  2. I LOVE Rylee's first pick. The photos really show just how beautiful she is. Quite breathtaking. (Funny, the second shot reminds me a little of Donna T's (2happiness) Gwennie.)

    Look like she's had lots of fun this week.

    Have a great week-end,

    Wanda (At Last...)

  3. Oh, Rylee! TOO cute! I bet there's never a dull moment with her around. :)

  4. I love this idea so much and will try it with my kids.

    She is adorable...and you can't even tell somtiimes that something does match as she carries it off so well

  5. Love those pics!!! That smile is just so awesome.


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