Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Belated Birthday Post

It's hard to believe that Rylee has turned *6* already! I feel like she has grown at double speed this past year, and in reality she probably has.

When we brought Ry home a year and a half ago, she was really more like 3 than 4.5. While the kids in her class still seem to be a little bit older than her, she really has come a long way in catching up!

In many way it seems like she has been part of us forever. It's hard to remember a time when she wasn't with us and wasn't a part of us. It seems so natural and right that she is my daughter and as strange as it might sound, I forget why people stare at us when we are out in public. When I look at her I see her beautiful spirit, her love for life and her joy in experiencing the world around her. I see her charisma and exuberant personality. When people stare at us, I assume they are seeing the same thing.

But occasionally I am reminded. Like field day at school and she came home about 8 shades darker than when she left. Or like the day when my husband and I both put the girls on the bus for school and Rylee peeked out the window at us, just able to barely come eye level in the window. My husband said "Oh my gosh, she's Chinese!". It made me chuckle a little bit but I knew just what he was saying. When you know someone really well, you see who they really are and not just what they look like. She may look different than us, but she doesn't feel different than us!

I don't even know if I can tell you how much I love this child, and I have no doubt that she feels the same way about me! I can't help but think about another mother somewhere who may be thinking about her too. I wish she could know this joy of a child and know how very much Rylee is loved!

Oh how badly Rylee has wanted to turn 6! She has been talking about since about
a week or two after she turned 5. Because at 6, she could have her ears pierced. I thought 6 would be a long way away, but it came all too soon. She has seriously been asking for months, so we finally did it. We told her how much it was going to hurt, so she brought her favorite stuffed animal and said "I know, I know - dis be okay Mama, you jus gotta squeeze da animal, I know how to do dis Mama!" Well, that's all fine and good until you see your daughters face crumple from the pain! However, she didn't kick the girls that did it and she didn't scream to bring down the building. Once I showed her how pretty they were in the mirror, she stopped crying. Now she goes around asking everyone "My ears pierce still sparkle?" So cute!

Now I just want to share a few birthday pictures. Naturally we had a princess party!!

Waiting for the guests to arrive (only about 3 hours to go)!

Still waiting, but outside now!

Silly girl blew out the candles as soon as we put the cake in front of her. Everyone yelled "NO you have to wait!" She said "Oh, well I don't know this! How I know this?" Right! - she has only been here for one birthday - she probably didn't remember that you have to wait!!! I hope she is not too upset with me once she finds out that she was supposed to be making a wish before blowing those candles out!

I know there is a glare, but can you see how perfect this poster turned out? Rylee loves it and it really looks like she was right there in the castle! Super, super cute!!! You can win one here for your child!


  1. So sweet! Belated birthday hugs to Rylee.

    I find it hard to imagine that you brought her home only 1.5 years ago. From what I've read and from the photos here on your blog, she so "belongs." :) Like I always say to my friends who have adopted --both you and the child(ren) are so blessed to have each other.

    Bless you for thinking about her other mother, too.

  2. Looks like it was a great day! I LOVE the gold shoes! She is one lucky girl to have such a great family! :D

  3. She is just precious... I love your pics of her and your stories too. A belated Happy Birthday to Rylee!! :)

  4. Happy,Happy Birthday Rylee. What a beautiful 6 year old you have. She just beams! We can feel her spirit through your pictures - they really speak to us.

    Lovely, lovely girl. (Cheeze - too bad we didn't live closer - Dahlia would love her, I can just tell.)

  5. Happy Birthday Rylee!
    She is just so beautiful :) oh and funny!

  6. Happy Birthday to a beautiful princess!

  7. Such a little beauty. Happy Belated birthday wishes to her.

  8. She is so beautiful! Happy birthday!!

  9. Hi. My blog is back online but at a new url and I'm following you from MBC!

  10. I have loved to read and visit your blog. So, I have given you the One lovely blog award. Please come visit my blog to pick up your reward. Thank you.


    What a BEAUTIFUL post! Ikwym about the whole "surprise" when you remember she's adopted...I have that quite often too..BEAUTIFULLY written

    GORGEOUS and giggley fun photos!!!!
    Wendy in Mich

    Looks like a WONDERFUL day! Big girl now!! 6 and your own bling!


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