Friday, May 29, 2009

Fashion Friday

Today's Fashion Friday comes to you via video. Rylee wanted to give her pose in motion so here it is...

Not only does she strut her stuff in her chosen outfit, but she also shares her views on split pants. All of this information was unsolicited by me :)

To see the other adorable children and their outfits head over to Salsa in China!


  1. Oh my goodness - Rylee is something else. So darn cute!!! How do you keep it together?
    She certainly knows her story.

    I just loved her cat walk strut. Take any lessons from you? LOL

    Happy Week-end!

  2. What a little goofball! I totally cracked up when I saw her "walk". What a hoot! And the "wanna see my stinky feet" line killed me too.

    She's a handful but in the best way, huh! Thanks for the video. It really helps to see her in ways pictures just can't convey. Adorable!

    Our blog: Double Happiness!

  3. Loved that video!!! How fun. Adorable outfit (and shoes) too. :-)

  4. She's a hoot! Cute dress, too.


  5. What a ham! I think I mentioned it to Tonggu Momma how it would be so interesting if you ever got the Tongginator and Rylee together... just imagine!

  6. I am now convinced that Rylee and the Tongginator would become VERY close friends, stinky feet and all!

  7. Haha she is so cute!!

    New giveaway for a Nursing Cover, would make for a great gift or cape for your daughters ;-)

  8. Holy moly!!! That video was awesome! What a fun little sweetie. Reminds me of my daughter. Does she have an agent yet? ha ha.


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