Friday, May 1, 2009

Fashion Challenge Friday

It's here again - M3's Fashion Challenge Friday! It's time to let your child's creative side out in full force.

One day this week after getting home from school, she took off running up the stairs telling me "I'm picking my outfit Mama, I know just what I wanna wear!"

Okay I think, it's super warm outside so she will probably pick something light and airy for our shopping trip!

She sure was light and airy and even cute too! But she was wearing a nightgown! Apparently, I need to specify that when she picks her own outfit, she needs to stick with daytime wear!

I told her that she can't really go out with pajama's on and she said "But why Mama, I got dis shoes so it's okay right?"

So there are no extra points for me this week because I did NOT let her wear this to the store... but maybe with leggins I might have considered it.

For outft #2 this week I told her to run upstairs and put on barn clothes so we can get going for Hanna's riding lesson. She says "Okay Mama, I can do it!".

Yeah, so she comes hopping down the stairs with this outfit on! Not exactly what I would call "barn clothes" and she certainly can't ride in this outfit. So I tell her that she won't be able to ride if she wears a skirt - skirts are not made for horseback riding! She pokes her bottom lip out and tells me that she doesn't want to ride - she wants to be cute!

So I gave in on this one and since it has been dry here, I didn't even press the boot issue. So there she was at the barn looking super cute and springy and not caring one bit that she is standing in horse manure in her flip flops...


  1. Yep, it's a challenge to fit functional with frilly and fabulous! She looks darling standing there in horse manure!

  2. Too funny - love the hat in the first one -doesn't that make it ok to wear out. Love the skirt - she is a girl who knows what she wants :-)

  3. Just look at those poses - no art direction needed! :)

  4. I'm dying laughing. What characters they are!!! Style and cuteness over everything else - where does this come from? (Could it be that we spend too much time drooling over them or chasing them around with a camera? Oh, but we can't help it, right?)

    Yes, I'll bet Rylee and Dahlia would have a ball together. Little monkeys.


  5. How cute! Apparently our daughters have a preference for sleepwear.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I like to hear that I make people laugh. I want to channel Erma Bombeck :)

  6. Rylee just cracks me up! That girl has some sense of style. Evelyn saw the Tink pj's and lost her mind....I can see my future....tearing Cleveland aprt to find that night gown! (of course E is convinced that it is a dress so I will have to nab matching tights while I'm at it!)

  7. Oh my gosh the pose in the barn pic and the "she doesn't want to ride - she wants to be cute!" just kill me!!! Too cute.

  8. Some jammies are just too cute not to wear outside!


  9. Oh Lord my kids would LIVE in PJs if I would let them. They are schooled from home so they just do NOT see the point in getting dressed every day. Glad it is not just me! She looks fabulous!

  10. She just cracks me up... flip flops and horse manure. I never considered the combination, maybe I need to rethink this when I go out to clean the horses' pens....

    I love her barn pose! :)

  11. That second outfit is just adorable! So cute her saying that she didn't wan to ride she wanted to be cute!!!!

  12. she is quite the little model! I love the hat!

  13. She is adorable. She and Sage would get along very well I think! Sage is such a girly girl, but I am with you, I put my foot down on leaving the house in a nightgown. Though she begs! Her new thing is skirts only and if they do not twirl, it is a battle. Girls just want to have fun, right?!

  14. What horse manure. All one can see is beauty and innocence :)

  15. I loooooooove the last picture! I totally agree with the above noter - all I see is beauty and innocence too!!

    I dream of adopting someday too. I have 4 boys, but I would love to add another child to my family, I've always wanted to adopt or foster.

    I found you via MBC - your daughters are adorable!!


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