Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday!

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Wow - it's Tuesday already! Somehow I missed Monday this week. Maybe because I was grieving over the fact that some of my blog friends apparently think I stink! (see the comments in my previous post)!

I am just going to go ahead and apologize right now for how long my adoption series has gone on (and on). I really had no idea that I was so long winded and that it would carry over into May! However, I must admit that I am surprised by how much of a kick I get out of your comments telling me to hurry it up :)

Yes, my ego has taken a trampling this week after finding out that I "stink" :) I also found out that I am no longer cool!!!

We had gotten home fairly late and it was past bed time for both girls. I told them to hurry up and head upstairs to get their jammies on and brush their teeth before bed.

Hanna said: "Mom, why do you have to be harsh like that?"

I replied "That's just how I roll, Hanna" (totally cool response, right?)

Hanna shook her head sympathetically and placed a supportive hand on my shoulder. "Mom" she said still shaking her head "You're just not cool like that" she said with a sigh, as she continued to pat my shoulder.

I shrieked replied "WHAT - I am too cool like that - get upstairs and get to bed right now!!!"

I turned to look at my husband, who was barley holding back his laughter, and said - "Oh no! How did she find out that I'm not cool already? I really did think that I had more time before she found that out..."


Rylee loves Chinese food and it had been awhile since we had taken the girls out, so we went to dinner recently at her favorite Chinese restaurant.

The hostess was wearing traditional Chinese clothing and Rylee said "Look Mama, gee is so beautiful, so SO beautiful. Right Mama?"

We were seated and already knowing what she wants, Rylee said "I want spice chicken an flies!". The girl leaned in closer and asked her "what do you want?". Rylee repeats rather loudly "SPICE CHICKEN AN FLIES!" Several heads turned our way and I quickly explained that she wanted Dry Chili Chicken and white rice.

The waitress goes to put in our order and comes out to tend to her other tables. Rylee being anxious to get to her favorite meal, watches her pass by a couple of times. The next time by Rylee yells out "HEY DUDE, WHERE'S OUR FOOD? Why dis take so long DUDE?"

I crawled under the table, Hanna ran to the bathroom and Rylee stood up in the booth waiting for her answer!


Last I leave you with this picture. The girls like to play school and they can get pretty elaborate with their school room set up. On this day, things had gotten pretty quiet so I thought I had better check on them. Hanna was no longer in there and this is how I found Rylee:


  1. Hey, don't sweat it! If someone really thinks you stink or that your post is too long they don't have to read it! No apologies needed :) It's your blog.

    Don't feel bad, a kid at school looked at me while I was serving snack and told me that a little girl told him I was a mean mom. I'm still reeling with shock over that one. My older daughter leaned in and patted my on the shoulder and reassured me that I was in fact a nice mom.

    Love the pic--she looks so peaceful.

  2. LOL...Too cute!!

  3. LOL! They obviously play good and hard! :-)


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