Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fashion Friday!

What is up with google?!? Oh my gosh I have been having so many problems and can't see many peoples blogs right now. Some are disappearing even - ugh!!! But, I'm in now and going to try to get this posted.

You know about this by now right? It's fashion Friday over at Salsa in China? and our kids get to put together their own outfits. Rylee did super this week although the pinks really did not match, you can't tell so much in this photo! We have the super girl shirt paired with the absolute must have skirt and the THANK GOODNESS SCHOOL IS OUT flip flops! Yay to not having to tell Rylee every day no you can't wear flip flops to school!!!!

Rylee was loving her pigtails that were sporting a little bit of body due to three days of wearing braids and refusing to take a bath. Normally I would have insisted (on the bath) but it was the last week of school and it didn't seem like it would permanently damage her to skip a bath. I'm going with laid back mommy this week.

She brought me the hair ties and a brush and told me "Two pigs Mom. DO IT RIGHT!" I said "Excuse me?" She said "Oh, sorry Mom - DO IT RIGHT please?" I handed her back the brush and went back to what I was doing. "I sorry Mommy, please Please PLEase can I have piggys?" (sigh...)

Now I really wanted to share with you the cute and sassy outfit that she put together for dinner last night, but I couldn't download the photos l- I'm telling you it's been a technological revolt around here the past few days!

Anyway, the outfit totally matched her mood at dinner. We took her for Chinese and she strolls in picks her seat and surveys the art on the walls and the following conversation ensued:

"HEY! This is CHINA an I know all those people." (Pointing to the sketch art of about 200 little people)! "HEY youknowwhatdaddyIcandrawtheBESTturtles becauseIknowallaboutturtlesandIamtheBESTatitwanttosee?"

Daddy says "What?"

Rylee says "Yeah, you can't hear me dad, that's why you are OLD!"

Click here to see all the other cute outfits this week.


  1. Too funny! What a sassy little thing she is!! She did a great job on her outfit this week!!

  2. That Rylee always has me cracking up :) cute supergirl outfit. sorry about your technological challenges - can't wait to see the Chinese outfit - oh and mmm maybe another "journey" installment . . .

  3. thanks for the follow! I added you to my list too

    oh and P.S. I your daughter is adorable with the piggies ;)

  4. My neighbors flew to China just before Christmas to adopt a little four year old girl, born with a heart defect.

    She is 2 months post corrective surgery and doing wonderfully!

    Rylee is gorgeous and stylish to boot! ;o)

  5. What a gorgeous little face. She just gets cuter and cuter.

    About google or the disappearing blogs. I've been in blog "heel" since last Wed. Mine opens up all mixed up or disappears. Firefox does let me in though. I went on the google help site and they seem to know about the problem and are working on it but who know when it will be fixed. One person wrote me a solution - they said to delete the followers gadget and it seems to have solved the problem for a few people. I'm waiting a day or two before I try that. Anyway, if you're reading this and you have any input - e-mail me at You are the first one in my circle who has the same problem (that I know of so far). It's frustrating isn't it?

  6. Aw, she is just radiant!!


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