Friday, May 8, 2009

Fashion Friday

It's Fashion Friday over at Do They Have Salsa in China which means that it is time to display our child's unique fashion style by letting them put together their own outfits. Click on over to M3's blog to join in the fun!

This week Rylee did quite well I thought, until she added the Turtle Fur Fleece kids neck warmer as a fashionable headband. This in itself might have been okay, except for the fact that it is regularly in the 80's here now and she sweats like crazy even without the fleece accessory! But as she pointed out to me, it did in fact match her flip flops.

A couple of days later she wanted to try again I couldn't think of a good reason to say no, so here is outfit #2.

Apparently she favors the black leggins over any other colors because she picked them again. She clunked down the stairs in the dress up high heels and this fabric piece on her head. I said "Um Ry, why are you wearing that on your head?", to which she said "I have to Mama, cuz dis is what princesses do, and I am de Princess and it is beautiful!" So, now you all know the required head covering for today's modern princesses!

I did draw the line at the shoes before we left the house, because the way she was hobbling around I was afraid that she may sprain an ankle. Or, it may have been because of the incessant clacking of the shoes on the hard floor... either way, she had to change them.

Remember to click here and join the fun of Fashion Friday!


  1. Aw man, those outfits made me grin!!! How perfect is that little neck warmer as a headband. Still chuckling.

  2. Just wanted to say Hi! I found you via the Mom Bloggers Club Follow Me Group. I am now following you! Stop by my site when the get the chance! I also have a lot of giveaways going on!

  3. There she goes with her poses! I look forward to seeing her poses as much as her get-ups. :)

  4. Oh, she does have style, doesn't she? (funny about the 'hot' head. My daughter always has a sweaty head.)

    So cute the way she's showing her shoes that match the headband!


  5. Love the Modern Princess and her "crown!

    My daughter usually puts something on her head like that and says she's married *chuckle*

  6. Dawn, thanks for playing Crazy Eights!! Nope it was that easy!! Hope you come back and find more 8s!! Right now the odds are looking pretty good to be the winner of a blog button!!!!! Good luck!

  7. Stopping by from MBC Follow Me to follow and say hello. Happy Mother's Day :)

  8. Hi Dawn! You're a winner on my blog! I emailed you also but here is the post:


  9. yep you can enter as many times as you want!! You just have to find an 8 (which you are good at, I must add!!)


  10. What fun you and your girls must have had. Thanks for the kind words. You are so right that it's such an emotional journey. When I read your comment I almost started crying. I didn't realize it'd be this difficult. But I know the right house is out there. Thanks again!

  11. I think the Tongginator and Rylee would either love one another or battle it out for top Princess standing. LOL. I especially love the headband look, although the blanket as a pseudo-tiara isn't half-bad. ;)


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