Monday, January 5, 2009

Even overcast days can be great...

at the park. The girls had fun climbing trees...

playing with their new walkie talkie/text messaging gizmo's...

and trying out the neighbor boys new toy! Rylee had just explained to me that she was never going to drive and that she would just always have Mama and Daddy drive her wherever she wanted to go when she gets bigger. I told her we would wait and see if she changed her mind. It didn't take her long to hitch a ride with the neighborhood boys and before we knew it she was off and weaving her own trail through the park!

And then when we made her get off and give the truck back so that the boys did not have to push it home with a dead battery - we got this face...
and then she told me that she wished she could go live at their house. I said "What - just because they have a truck you want to live with them?" "Well, yes Mama - we don't have one at our house so PLEASE I just wanna live with them!" At least it only took a couple of minutes before the sad face was gone and she had moved on to the next fun thing!
Here is one of my favorite pictures from this Christmas break. This is not something I see that often anymore. Hanna snuggles less with her Dad these days and just look at how big she looks stretched out in that chair with him!


  1. I'm glad to see Pat hasn't changed!!! Still comfy in the big chair!!! I can't believe Hanna is nine!!

  2. What a sweet picture of Hannah and her dad. I could have written that part about the truck and wishing or wished as they say and the whole thing. Must have been something in that water these girls drank. :)

    Tonight she said she wanted to go back to China because she hates to go to sleep and well when she has to sleep at night it is morning there. How does one even begin to argue with that logic?!?! And yes she has said this before and I asked for clarification if when it was time for bed in China would she be coming back here and there the answer was yes.


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