Sunday, January 11, 2009

When does an acorn cost $1300?

When it is swallowed by one of these...

Poor Scrappy was moping around yesterday and wouldn't eat or drink anything today. We knew something just wasn't right when he wouldn't get off the couch to play with the girls today. We made an emergency trip to the vet which led to blood tests, x-rays, IV's, catheterization and then the inevitable trip to the pet hospital for emergency surgery after they found the blockage in his intestines about the size of an acorn. We just got the call from the doctor. The surgery has been completed and the foreign object removed. It was not only the size of an acorn - it WAS an acorn. One very expensive little, nasty, indigestible acorn! The good news is that he came through surgery fine and may even be able to come home tomorrow. We had two (okay three) girls dancing around the living room while Daddy was on the phone and the doctor was letting us know that Scrappy is going to be just fine!

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