Monday, January 26, 2009

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year from our family to yours! Here are a few pictures from our local Families with Chinese Children celebration this past weekend.

Rylee was so excited to get to see her friends again and I think it is great for her to be able to see so many kids that are just like her (multi-racial families). There are lots of girls her age, a few older, a few younger and one boy - Ohhhh was he a cutie!!!

We enjoyed "China for dinner" as Rylee would say - her favorite (go figure)! They all had a blast - except for maybe Hanna - who was being attacked by about 15 adorable Chinese girls dressed in silk and armed with balloons. Apparently, pummeling Hanna somehow got written in to the evenings agenda. Don't feel too bad for her though, as she effectively cowered took cover behind me!

On the way home the conversation naturally somehow turned to me. I can't remember exactly how it started but Hanna said that "Mommy is special."

Rylee jumped right on that one "Mama is NOT special Hanna!"

"YES she is Rylee, that's not nice to say that Mama is not special!!!" Rylee responds "No it's not Hanna, and Mama IS NOT SPECIAL!"


Dad steps in at this point and chastises Rylee a bit "Rylee, Mama is too special - you have a great Mama!"

Rylee is getting real worked up at this point "Mama is not special you guys, MAMA IS COOOOOLLLL!!!"

Ahhhh... even better!

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