Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday!

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Conversations With Rylee - Confusion Rules!

Many times my conversations with Rylee leave me a little bit confused. For example the other day she came home from school with this story:

Rylee comes running off the bus "MOM, I have to tell you something!"

I'm thinking oh no - she has a note from school (we have went the longest amount of time yet with no school "issues"). Even Hanna thought the same thing "What, did you pull your card today Rylee?"

Rylee frowns at Hanna "NO, I not pull card! Collin grab my arm at school Mom!" and she demonstrates on my forearm, how he wrapped his hands around her arm and squeezed.

"So, I run Mama, really fast like this (pumps arms up and down quickly) and then know what happens? Know what happens next Mom?"

I say "No I don't, what happened next Rylee?"

She said "Look, LOOK Mama - now I have monkey skin - wanna see? Do you see that monkey skin Mama?" She sticks her hands palms up so I can see them.

I look closley and feel her hands, but they are perfectly the same as when she left that morning, which I tell her.

"NO Mama, (looking annoyed with me) this is monkey skin and you know what else? Now I have STINKS feet too - wanna see?" As she whips off her shoes and shows me her feet...

Honestly, I have no idea what we are talking about so I ask her if this is something Collin told her. Again I get that disgusted look - "Just changa mind Mama - you don't know I talkin bout!" She shakes her head at me and walks away and she's right I DON'T know what she talkin bout!!!


A few weeks ago when my Mom was here visiting, she told the kids that she could do something really cool - she can stand on one finger!!!

They look at her to see if she was serious and then ooh'd and aaah'd over that information and decided that if grandma could do it, so can they!

Hanna went first:

A decent attempt really, but falling short none the less.

Rylee does even better, making it to one hand. But still, it's not exactly standing on one finger!

So Grandma walks over and very dramatically, stands on one finger:

They stare at her for a minute and then they both crack up laughing.

Now they keep trying to play the joke on me. First of all - this woman raised me, I would never fall for this (anymore). Second - I WAS THERE! Really, my memory is still intact girls!!!


  1. OMG! That is too funny! Both stories. Even though your moms was hilarious trick. I am going to have to pull that one on my kiddos!

    I am with you...I have no idea what monkey skin is. Stink feet...my kids ALL suffer from that, though! LOL

  2. That's really sweet, I often don't know what my daughter is trying to tell me too.
    I love Grandma's trick, gotta try it sometime.

  3. Ha, ha, thanks for the funny. What a good sport Grandma is.
    I got your info, off to See's to pick up your chocolate.

  4. Cute story! They almost had you!!!

  5. I love that Riley - she totally cracks me up :) If you ever find out what monkey skin is you will have to let us know!

  6. Riley is too funny. I'm guessing she wanted to point out how stinky she got from running?

  7. That is hilarious! The monkey skin comment just cracks me up.. I wonder what she meant? And your mom is a HOOT--I'll be pulling that trick on my boy in the morning when he wakes up. I might even try it on hubby tonight... lol!

  8. aww!haha, thanks for visiting my blog:)

  9. LOVE the Grandma story! Glad you caught that on film!

    Just a guess about the monkey skin... maybe she meant the way her palms looked wrinkled after having them in fists? I dunno. What does actual monkey skin even look like?

  10. That's so cute!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the "follow."

    Rylee reminds me a lot of Zoë, especially in one of the Nov 2007 photos. The ones that feature both Hanna and Rylee are so sweet. As is the "book" that Hanna did. :)

    I was reading your adoption journey installments and can't wait to read the next one.

    Here's another site that I'm following that you might find interesting, too. The writer also adopted from China and writes about her adventures with The Little Tongginator --


  11. That is too funny and too sweet! I'll have to remember this one for later!


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