Friday, April 10, 2009

Fashion Challenge Friday - I can't resist!

Join in the Friday fun with Fashion Challenge Friday for your little one! The only rules are that you have to let your child pick out their own outfit!

Check out Do They Have Salsa in China? for all the cute entries!

Rylee recently got a new tutu and she is dying to wear it everyday! When I told her she could pick her own outfit, I should have known what she was going to do!

The problem with the outfit was not necessarily the tennis shoes but more... the backside:

Pants and tutu's are a difficult combination to pull off!


  1. Cute!! The pose in the first one is awesome too -- Ro and Ree would love a tutu like that.

  2. I love the look on her face in that first photo. Anna would also love a tutu like hers.

  3. Adorable. My Dahlia has a very similar tutu and it's so worn out now - I should probably get her another one.

    Love the posing and strutting. How come this stuff comes so naturally to them? Hmmm.....

  4. she is so sweet
    thanks for stopping by my blog and entering a great contest come back and visit again anytime

  5. hi Dawn,

    Love the backward glance over the shoulder look! Rylee is a beautiful ballerina.
    And Hanna's book about being a big sister is wonderful ( i scrolled down past the links and saw it : )

  6. very cute!

    I'm following through MBC.

  7. Tu-Tu Too-Too 2 FREAKIN' Cute! My Maddy would totally approve. And I LOVE the cute little attitude she's wearing too!


    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  8. How adorable! I wish my baby girl, who is now 16, would become young again. I miss this stage. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  9. I can't wait to meet your little ones! That Rylee looks like a little pistol. So full of life!

    I am thinking a drive south is on the agenda for this summer!

    Cheers, Rebel

  10. I can not wait to meet your little ones... Rylee seems like such a little pistol! So full of life!

    Cheers! Rebel

  11. Ok, that first photo is hilarious! Her facial expression in one of kind! So cute!


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