Friday, April 24, 2009

Fashion Challenge Friday

This weeks self designed outfit was actually pretty good. She found a "Daddy's Girl" pink and black dress and paired it with footless pink tights and off she went to spend a few hours with Daddy at work.

When she came home she added the red tutu. I'm thinking my husband was pretty relieved that she did not have this on before they left the house in the morning!

And she - well she thought she was hot stuff with the addition of the tutu - you can tell by the very satisfied look on her face!

Show us your child's creative side - head over to Do They Have Salsa in China and link up!


  1. The look on her face is THE BEST!!! How cool. Love the outfit too (and I'll bet Daddy was pretty dang proud of her shirt).

  2. Hey, those are my school colors! I'm really lovin' that skirt. That red looks yummy!!

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  3. OK, that outfit is just great and what a look on her face. Precious!

    Now, about the moves. Yes, that's my point. I'm just gob smacked watching her practically writhing and not even to music. Hhmm, your Chinese theory may be right.


  4. Styling and the look on her face is just precious.

  5. I'm thinking she may have a future in fashion :)

    Terrye in FL


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