Friday, April 3, 2009

It is Fashion Challenge Friday!

I love this new feature being held over at Do They Have Salsa in China. Why don't you click on over there and join in the fun?

I think this may just be a bit more of a challenge for me than it is for Rylee though. I let her choose her outfits two days this week. My husband raised an eyebrow a couple of times, but has not said anything yet. I think he's assuming I've just lost control...

But there's a difference between losing control and giving up control...


So the first day I tell Rylee she can go pick her outfit. She looks at me for a minutes and says "by myself?" I nodded to her, she looked a little doubtful but went upstairs by herself.

She came down the stairs in a one piece leotard with attached skirt. Okay I'm safe because it is too cold for this one! So I tell her that it's cold and we are going outside, she needs to pick something warmer. "Okay Mama!!!" She takes off running, smiling and singing...

Enter ensemble #1:

Okay, not what I would pick but I can live with this one. I just hope she leaves a little extra time for the bathroom, since she still has that one piece leotard on under all that...

The next day she asks me "Mama, I can wear what I want to do, right Mama?"

I said "Do you mean that you would like to pick out your outfit today?"

She grins and nods!

"Okay, sure you can pick your outfit today!" She squeals and runs away yelling "I can do whatever I wanna do cuz I'm bigger den Hanna now!"

I tell her, "We are only talking clothing here Rylee" She yells back "I KNOW DAT MAMA!!!"

So here we have a yellow sundress, with pink flowered t-shirt (dis match Mama cuz dey both have da flowers - see?), brown leggings, orange socks (to match the yellow dress), turquiose scarf for "cozyness" and green hair accessory and bracelets to tie it all together. (???)


  1. So cute! I think red and purple look fabulous together!

    Our blog: Double Happiness!

  2. Those outfits are awesome!!! Love them. Red and purple is a big fave around here, and scarves too -- oh yeah, our girls would totally wear those outfits.

    (I fixed your link and posted it again, it was just one letter off, so you should get lots of visitors.)

  3. She looks so cute, my little always gives the "this matches because.....(whatever thing she thinks is the reason someting matches).

  4. She cracks me up!! It sounds like she is having a great time picking everything out!! What a good momma you are!!

  5. I am laughing my butt off, she is so flipping funny (and cute!)

    And you just don't know how happy this gal was when they got my electric back!!! It's really the simple things that make our world go round. ;)

  6. BwwwaaaHaHaHaHa! It was the little side comment "she has a leotard under all of that" that totally got me. So, so funny!


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