Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday!

Laughter LivesThis post is part of "Laughter Lives! Tuesday" on the Riggs Family Blog. Check out their blog to read everyone else's "Laughter Lives!" posts.

I'm sticking to the theme "Conversations with Rylee" mainly because this kid just cracks me up! Writing these things down will help me remember them because well... lets just say that my memory is not what it use to be!

Talking with Dad:

Rylee: Dad what's this: burp, burp?
Dad: You after Chinese food?
Rylee: NO DAD, it's a frog - you don't member this Dad?
Dad: I think you mean... ribbit, ribbit.
Rylee: OOOHHHH YEAH, ok thanks Dad!

Talking with Mom:

Rylee: Mama you es skinny!
Me: Oh THANKS Rylee, you are so sweet!
Rylee: Yeah, look all this skin Mom (makes gigantic circle with her arms while pointing to me). Dis is skinny, lots and lots of skinny!
Me: Don't you have homework to do?


Rylee: Mom, you know dat place you live?

Me: Our house?

Rylee: (rolling eyes) NO, dat place Mama you live?

Me: Um, _______ (our street)

Rylee: (groaning) NO DA PLACE YOU LIVE!!!

Me: city? state?

Rylee: (groaning and rolling eyes) NO Mama - where YOU live! (as she draws a circle in the air)

Me: Ummm... Earth?

Rylee: YES, MAMA, yes EARTH - you don't know dats where you live?
For some reason I found this completely hilarious! This sign was hanging on Hanna's bedroom door when I went upstairs to tuck the kids in last night:

Can you tell they have been bickering a lot lately?


  1. Thanks for sharing, and giving me quite a few laughs! She sounds like an absolute treasure. :)

  2. I especially love the notes! So funny. My name is Shawna from Teen Lit Review. You entered our teen book giveaway and won Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. My friend, Angi, has emailed you, but I wanted to as well to make sure you get your prize since I am the one who will be mailing it to you. You can contact me at teenlitreview@gmail.com. Thanks!

  3. Kids say the greatest things, don't they? I am just glad that we now have blogs so that we can share their hilarious tidbits. :)


  4. This cracked me up! Kids are so funny. :)

  5. Super cute! My 7 yo son has a note on his door. I'm not sure if it says no babysisters or no babysitters...

  6. Love these... this is too cute... and funny!! Thanks for the laugh!



  7. How in the world do you not know that you live on the earth? (I crack myself up some times.)

    I love the "skinny" comment!

  8. This morning I overheard the almost 5-year-old say to the almost 2-year-old, "That's not how you be a good friend." I don't even want to know what they were doing. Somehow these stories are much funnier when they're somebody else's kids! :D

  9. As a teacher I should write a book on what kids talk about. So cute. I just wanted to check up on my favorite Kung Fu Panda girls.

  10. Good morning!

    Checking in from sits. It's FRIDAY!!!! Yay!!!

    Have a great weekend.

    Zen Cupcake

  11. Thanks for the laugh, your girls are so cute.


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