Sunday, March 1, 2009

Meet the newest member of our family...

This would be Ms. Frosty Snow or... Ms. Snowy Frost depending on which girl you ask and yes, apparently it DOES make a difference...
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For our Michigan people - something you would find totally funny is the continuous news coverage this 3" to 4" of snow is receiving. Seriously, we have continuous news and they are driving around in their cars with the cameras going showing off the snow. They are already talking about if there will be school tomorrow or not - but the snow is supposed to stop by about 2:00 today. Right now they are announcing where the snow has stopped and where it is still falling... What? Why are we watching it you ask??? Well, because the satellite is out and only the local stations are coming in right now... I think it's a conspiracy to sell all the milk and bread on the store shelves...

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  1. Ha... I am 100% from the south... you know how you can tell??? Nope... my neck is not red... but if you open my "icebox" right this minute, I have 3 gallons of milk! And in the pantry... is a wide assortment of bread! The Judge family will NOT go hungry during this 1 inch / 6 hour snow event!!!

    And yes.... we were outside way too early this morning! It is a very good thing as our teeny tiny snow person is now meeting a very rapid end!!! "Help me... I'm MELTING"!

    So much fun! Rebel


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