Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break Project

Yay, my Mom is here and she's come to help! I should not even be posting these pictures, it's so embarrassing!

Right now the girls are sharing a bedroom and it has worked out really well for both the girls, but now they are ready to have their own rooms. Sooooo... we are tackling the bedrooms and the playroom during spring break. The girls have both PROMISED that they will keep their rooms clean after the redo (ah ha).

I'm checking out all the creative blogs and trying to find good ideas for decorating and I'll post after pictures when the week is done!

Rylee went to work with her Daddy this morning and we are getting a good start with Hanna as our helper. I mean what could be more fun than cleaning your room for spring break? Surely not Disney World, which is where all the cool kids are (or so I've been told)!

Oh, and I swear the rest of my house does NOT look like this - really!


  1. oooohhh I love little girls room makeovers :) I can't wait to see the after photos! ps Lulu's Groovy room is my all time favorite!

  2. oh love decorating...especially little girls rooms...come visit my blog for some cute ideas that i used in my daughters room that were inexpensive but make the room really come together!!

    oh and PS i love love love your all about me, you sound like an amazing woman. love that!

  3. No worries - mine does. I swear a bomb went off. Frustration.

    Enjoy the makeovers!!! I know the girls will.

    And welcome to SiTS! Em

  4. Can't wait to see the results!

  5. How exciting about the room makeovers...and your mom being in town to help! I get so much more accomplished when I have my mom helping me.

    I've with the SITS Welcome Wagon. I've been following SITS for around nine months now, and I've read so many fun blogs, met so many amazing women, and really enjoyed the supportive female-blogger community. So, welcome SITSta, glad you've joined us!

  6. We live in a 2 bedroom condo that we have outgrown...mine is always a mess!

  7. It sounds like you're having a fun spring break. My daughter (5 y/o loves the pic of Hanna looking down over the railing. Cute!


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