Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ask and you shall receive...

A couple weeks ago Rylee came to me asking for a magic mermaid hat. Since I have no knowledge of such a thing I decided I had to call in reinforcements. We made a short video of Rylee's explanation. If you haven't seen it you can click here to view Rylee's request.

Imagine her extreme delight to get a package in the mail today (thanks Aunt Net). She tore into the package and was completely amazed to find this inside the box:

She placed it on her head in total amazement that she had actually received a magic hat! She looked at me with those deep brown eyes and said "Mama, can I say the words, Mama?" I said "You can say whatever words you want to Rylee, do you have something in mind?" She nods quickly.

She closes her eyes and very softly says "I want to be a princess, I want to be a princess, I want to be a princess".

I watch to see if she is going to be disappointed and wondered what happened with the murmaid.
She opens her eyes, grinning ear to ear "Mama I am a princess now, I have to get my princess dress on", she squeals as she takes off running!

"WAIT! You can't put a princess dress on, we are going to the barn."

AAAARrrrrrrrgggggggg! MAMA!!!

This one got a hat too. All I want to say is that she takes after her father... enough said...


  1. Your daughters are both gorgeous! I love the princess hat!

    Stopping by from SITS to wish you a warm welcome!

  2. Visiting from SITS....saying welcome and hello :)

    Your daughters are both such dolls! Loved the hats!

  3. You have such adorable daughters!! Thanks for the earlier comment on my blog. :-) I adore both of my mini-doxies (one long hair; one short hair) too. I'll be back to visit soon!!

  4. That is so funny! What a cute blog! Congrats on being featured in the Flip Flop Find!

  5. Um, I'd like a princess hat too, please! Ahaha. I have one boy, and my husband won't let me dress him up. We did sneak some pink toenail polish on his toes the other day, though...

    Your daughters are so cute. You're very blessed.


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