Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Three years ago today we started our adoption journey and today as I sat across the table from our new daughter, there was no doubt in my mind that we have been given the daughter that is meant for our family. I am thankful beyond words today as we spent a quiet Thanksgiving with just the four of us, enjoying the road to becoming a family. I am thankful to our adoption agencies and social workers for approving us as a family, thankful to China for entrusting us with this precious child, and to our friends and family that have supported us and endured the setbacks and delays along the way as well as shared in the great joy and excitement of finally meeting our child along side us. Most of all today, I am grateful to God for placing the dream of adoption in my heart when I was just a child myself and for leading us to Rylee. I promise to do everything possible to prove worthy of such an incredible blessing.

When I tuck Rylee in for bed she holds on to me and whispers... "Mama, Mama, Mama...." over and over, she doesn't yet have the words to express what she feels. As I stood over the bed tonight rubbing her back and whispering to her I said "Xiao Bao, Xiao Bao... Mama loves you Xiao Bao", I turned to leave and I hear "Mama, Mama... Xiao Bao loves you Mama"...

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  1. Dawn, I have followed your blog since you left for China. Your family is so blessed to experience such tender love. I rejoice with you as I read about your adoption experience. I am so looking forward to our gotcha day. Happy Thanksgiving. Tonya Lindsey


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