Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We tried out the miniature golf course...

It just so happened that the only one open was a Peter Pan themed course that played though mist filled caves and a pirate ship! We were not real sure about trying this but Hanna wanted to go so badly, so we decided to give it a shot.

Rylee studied the golf club at various angles with a thoughtful expression on her face. We got to the first hole and Hanna took her shots, then we told Rylee it was her turn. She walked a few steps, faked a fall and proceeded to try to hobble around the rest of the course using the putter as a crutch! She was so cute trying to convince us that she was so injured that she needed the putter/crutch to hold her up. The problem was she kept forgetting which leg was injured :)

She had a lot of fun until we got to the pirate ship with the fake talking Captain Hook. She just could not figure him out and didn't like him at all. She did say "Hello" and waved to the talking Peter Pan every time he said Hello, so I guess he wasn't as scary.

We have an appointment for Rylee to have an Early Intervention screening done on December 4th to see if she qualifies for any special services to help prepare her for Kindergarten in the fall. They are arranging for an interpreter to give the testing to her in Mandarin. My guess though is that she will not qualify. We are pretty certain that she is already understanding just about everything we say. She is extremely attentive and watchful and takes everything in. She is amazing at figuring people out and using that to her advantage :)

Rylee has had a couple of bad days, but each bad day brings huge steps forward. She has come such a long way in feeling comfortable with us and has even started initiating affection. Today when I laid down with her for her nap she was not wanting to sleep, so I pretended to sleep beside her. She very gently covered me with a blanket, making sure that every part of me was covered. Then she ever so softly kissed one eye lid and then the other, and then my nose and then my cheeks... she snuggled down beside me as close as she could get and drifted off to sleep. Such a beautiful child... I can't believe we have already been home with her two weeks today!


  1. How sweet how she took care of you when she thought you were sleeping.

  2. What a blossom still blooming! I read your blog constantly for updates. I've followed your journey and Rylee is so cool! You are blessed!

    The bad days will come, but as you said, there will be many, many GOOD days that outnumber the bad. Honestly they will.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!



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