Sunday, November 4, 2007

Successful CA!!!

We had our consulate appointment today at 9:00 and we passed the review! We had to wait in our hotel while our guide attended the interview for us and she called at 11:20 to say that it went really well and there is nothing further needed! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow we attend the swearing in ceremony! While we waited for the approval us girls tried on our new clothes - what fun!
We have the rest of the day free so we are heading to Shamian Island. We met a couple in the elevator from Grand Rapids, MI and we are going to try to meet up with them this afternoon. Imagine coming all the way to China to meet someone from our hometown!

Speese Girls!!!


  1. Dawn,

    Gretchen forwarded us "cheerleading moms" your site and I have enjoyed reading it tonight. I am so happy for your family and Rylee is beautiful. I am glad all is going well and we will be praying for you as you travel home this week. I can't wait to show Whitney all the pictures here on the sight. Congratulations!!

    Amy Alligood- OM Cheerleader Mom 2006

  2. What beautiful outfits. Glad the interview went well. Here's to a safe trip home.

  3. Dawn,
    You guys have the victory sign down pat!!!! Absolutley beautiful.
    Have a safe trip home. Your sister .

  4. The Speese girls are beautiful...Pat's a lucky guy!!!

    By the way, where's Pat's heartfelt writings....??


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